Seeking answers to questions I forgot to ask

I am about 10 years from retirement, so I am thinking and planning that next chapter.

Latest from the Blog

  • Mother’s Day Weekend
    My Mother’s Day weekend was a bit of a downer for me. Don’t fret – I have rebounded, but I am wondering why I spiraled into a funk. It kicked off with me feeling feisty and happy for the weekend. I had just gotten my hair colored and blown out. I wasn’t ready to goContinue reading “Mother’s Day Weekend”
  • The Cool Kids
    Have you noticed that no matter what age we are, we divide ourselves into cliques? I am an avid Survivor fan, so I just finished an episode and was thinking about cliques. As much as I love my new job, there are definitely cliques. I am starting to clearly see them and it can beContinue reading “The Cool Kids”
  • What’s New?
    I took a little writing hiatus. I guess I ran out of things I wanted to post. I was still writing, but when I read my scribbled notes, it all seems too mundane. I wrote about my golf lessons – they are going great and I just bought a set of clubs. Hooray! I amContinue reading “What’s New?”

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