Seeking answers to questions I forgot to ask

I am about 10 years from retirement, so I am thinking and planning that next chapter.

Latest from the Blog

  • Preach It!
    I have been going to church intermittently since I mentioned it here. It has been well worth it. The minister is phenomenal – young, very smart, well read and well educated. He has a diplomacy that will take him far in his calling. The Bible reading on a recent Sunday was Proverbs 1:20-33. Wow, whatContinue reading “Preach It!”
  • 3 Strikes, You’re Out!
    Hey guys, here are some tips about first dates if you want to go out with me on a second date. This is based on a recent first date, last date. Show up on time and respect time constraints. This guy showed up 20 minutes late. He warned me 30 minutes prior he was runningContinue reading “3 Strikes, You’re Out!”
  • A Little Burnt Out
    After thinking and writing about work, I realized that I need a break. Labor Day weekend was a good start. I was busy with lots of fun activities and it felt great to have an extra day off. But I need more. I hope the week I will be taking off to spend with myContinue reading “A Little Burnt Out”

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