Seeking answers to questions I forgot to ask

I am about 10 years from retirement, so I am thinking and planning that next chapter.

Latest from the Blog

  • What a Trip!
    My trip to honor my uncle was an absolute blast. I think he would approve. I stayed with my cousin and her family. My son joined us, her brother showed up with his hubby and adorable dog. It was the best kind of chaos. I drove my folks over which gave us 6+ hours ofContinue reading “What a Trip!”
  • Going to the Office in a Pandemic
    I love Ask A Manager. It has been a tremendous resource as I transitioned back to a normal work environment after 17 years. Yes, I spent 17 years working 100% commission with a bunch of sharks, but I digress. Today is about Covid and the workplace. During the past year on Ask a Manager, thereContinue reading “Going to the Office in a Pandemic”
  • Wound Tight
    I am at the airport waiting for my flight. BTW, airports are PACKED. I arrived early and was patiently chilling with a beer. I had to get it to go because there were no seats anywhere in 2 bars/ restaurants. Anyway, the ladies room had a line the entire time I have been on thisContinue reading “Wound Tight”

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