New Roommate

I live in a one-bedroom apartment. I chose to downsize my life dramatically at the end of 2019 when I moved away from HWINLN (aka He Who is No Longer Named). I needed to chop expenses and I wanted to minimize my life. Then the pandemic hit and although I go to work every day, the walls of my lovely apartment have been encroaching.

I am a recovering overspender, so I tend to assauge my feelings with retail therapy. I thought I was doing better and I was for quite a bit, but I have been relapsing of late. Sigh. It is also not good when I add large things. From work, I gained a beautiful, very large plant. She was a gift over a year ago. I adore her. She is over 6 ft tall and is a gorgeous addition. She hides my bike nicely as well. That was the first roommate.

Then I added a body pillow. If you are living alone and crave some human touch, get a body pillow. I am a side sleeper and spooning my body pillow has been a comfort. That’s the second roommate.

My third roommate arrived over the weekend. A rowing machine. Yes, I have completely lost my mind on this one. It does fold up, but I doubt I will do that too often. She is long and sleek, but she does hog the floor space of the living area. We are going to have to adjust to one another.

Why a rowing machine? Summer is coming. In South Florida that means you retreat inside during the middle of the day. The days are a sweltering, absurdly humid mess. If you don’t get out first thing in the morning to exercise, forget it. Plus I have not been comfortable going back to the apartment complex’s gym. Plus I am an exercise sloth, but I do like to row. Plus remember that above mentioned overspending tendency? I have a bad habit of trying to spend my way out of a conundrum.

I will say the rowing machine was easy to assemble. It is quiet, so I’ll be able to watch TV or listen to music or audio books. I have to get off my big, fat ass and get healthy. If I can get in an hour of exercise daily, even if it is split into 30 minutes 2x a day, I will be doing myself a great favor. I need to think of a name for my new roommate. Suggestions anyone?

Photo by Emily Bauman on Unsplash

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9 thoughts on “New Roommate

  1. I love that you bought a rowing machine – you just make a little schedule and stick to it! Don’t worry about how long just be consistent that’s all you need to be. I think this is a fabulous investment in yourself.

    I’ve been eyeing an Hermès belt. It hasn’t won out yet. But it’s getting closer. 🤬

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  2. I love how you will be doing exercise while sitting on your big fat ass (your words, not mine!) ;P
    Do you realise your overspending is probably a trauma response? CPTSD? It helped me when I first realised it.
    Where some dive into alcohol or drugs or cutting, others (especially women who have abundant cash on hand thanks to an absent husband who belittles them and for whom only money seems important) get their fix with spending.
    You went a long way on the road to recovery. Still having some lapses here and there is not so bad, especially when it means you get roommates and healthier 😉

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  3. You might remember I’m a big fan of regular exercise. It really is essential for good health, particularly as we age. The rowing machine is an excellent choice. The key thing, of course, will be to build it in as part of your regular daily routine. That’s the hard part. After that, you’re golden!

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    1. I do remember! I have a plan of getting an hour of exercise a day. My work is offering fitness challenges tied to the Whoop Straps. I did a sleep challenge and am now in the running challenge that will start in 2 weeks. I was joking the group needed a tortoise amongst all the hares. Who knows, maybe I could win the darn thing. LOL. It measures strain (I.e. effort) not distance or speed. It should be interesting…. I am also doing my Beachbody and golf lessons. I find I need variety to keep me motivated. I will keep you posted!


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