Stick it to Me

I am ready for my Covid vaccine. I don’t care which one, just stick it to me. I wasn’t always a vaccine person, but as I get older, I am more compliant. For the past three years, I have gotten my flu shot. Who knows if it helps, but the flu seems dreadful, so why not. Same thing with shingles.

In the Fall of 2020, my company offered flu shots on-site, so I was game. I asked if I could get the shingles and they said, “sure”. Word of advice – don’t do a flu and shingles at the same time. It knocked me off my feet for the weekend. I was just pooped.

Then it was time for Round 2 of the shingles and I got that one. However, the pharmacy was quite adamant that I not get a Covid vaccine within two weeks of the shingles. I agree. Round 2 wasn’t as bad as Round 1, but I still was a couch potato for a day.

The not-so-great governor of Florida has opened up vaccines for my age group. I have signed up in several places. I will give it a week to see if they reach out to me for appointments. Otherwise, I will be hitting the internet searching for an appointment. I am ready. Stick it to me.

I don’t talk about the vaccine too much at work. Interestingly it is a somewhat dicey topic. One colleague says nope, she isn’t getting it because 24 people have died. I can’t and won’t reason with that kind of logic. I merely commented that those odds seemed similar to the lottery and moved on. Several Covid survivors feel like their antibodies are enough for now, so they will wait for later in the year. Their choice, their body, no comment.

As for me, sign me up. When the vaccines were being developed, I will confess that I was hesitant. I really didn’t want to be one of the first. Big Pharma created these vaccines so rapidly that surely something had to be wrong, right? It is hard to accept that science has progressed so dramatically in my lifetime. But it looks like they have. Thankfully. I am ready to get this damn pandemic over with. Stick it to me.

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6 thoughts on “Stick it to Me

  1. The only reason they were able to develop these vaccines so quickly is the amount of money that was thrown at it. Usually, they don’t have a hundredth of it if not less. So obviously, it takes much longer. And they don’t have willing participants to take part in the studies. This time around, they had both money and willing subjects. So it went quickly.

    The Ebola vaccine was developed under 2 years too, because the people who were researching it felt it was needed enough that they tried it on themselves for the first part of the study (when they try the safety on healthy individuals). I know, a friend of mine was part of the team.
    It’s all a matter of how intent they really are to find the vaccine. I’m glad you are getting it. I wish I was old enough and there were enough available where I am to get it already. Soon I hope. I just wish my parents could have gotten it already, and my friends with even more health problems than me.


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    1. The way I explained it to someone is this is basically a flu shot – same science , just different ingredients. Ebola vaccine is truly a miracle drug. I hope you & yours can get vaccinated soon.

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      1. My friend is this typical nerd scientist who doesn’t like to attract attention to himself. But that day he was on the British news (on a radio interview) and he told his wife to put on the telly.
        To say I am proud to call him a friend is the understatement of the year.
        To say I’m angry at people who say the WHO are just a political body who doesn’t do a thing and who is playing the world at large and that the vaccine is just fishy or what not and that the pandemic is whatever other nonsense some political redhead uttered makes me boil.

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