Week Recap – Golf and Live Music

This past week felt like….normal. Almost pre-pandemic normal. How weird. I got my first Covid vaccine (Pfizer) on Monday (sore arm was the only side effect). I had two golf lessons this week, gave a speech for Toastmasters and went down to Miami for a girls sleepover. It was a busy week. Almost too busy for me – LOL.

The golf lessons are interesting. I can see the zen of golf and am enjoying hitting the ball. However, the instruction leaves something to be desired. I have two more lessons. We have only used one club and spend the entire lesson hitting balls to learn our swing. I have had a total of less than 10 minutes of instructions for 3 hours of lessons. Plus I find the instructor’s teaching to counteract the assistant. I like the assistant better. Another aspect I am learning that goes with golf – frustration.

I actually enjoy the social aspect of the classes. It is all women. We celebrate the good shots. I am the only one who showed up without a bestie. Not that I care. I just find that interesting. Anyway, two more lessons and I graduate. To what? Probably some private lessons. My bestie and her incredibly patient, quiet hubby plan on taking me out so he can teach me more. That’s how she learned. I trust him — he is a good man.

My sleepover was fun. I went down because a friend’s husband was playing drums for a husband/wife singing at a little gastropub. LIVE MUSIC!! I was completely in just for that. We were outside on a beautiful evening. It was three girlfriends and me. Music was lovely, food was great and the company was excellent. I didn’t want to drive home 2 hours after 10:00, so I stayed with a girlfriend. She’s a hoot. This woman has LIVED a life.

People at work say that I have lived an interesting life. I pale in comparison to Thelma (she is Thelma to my Louise). She is a Baby Boomer who has done it all. Traveled the world, married a sexy Italian, divorced him, walked coals with Tony Robbins, tantric sex affair with a massage therapist in her 60’s, went to Studio 54, you name it and she probably has a story about it. I love listening to the stories. They never get old.

As I drove home, I thought about the busy week. Then I asked myself, how socially busy do I want to be post-pandemic? That’s a good question. I have lived a quiet life the past year. I didn’t mind and have enjoyed it, but it is time for me to form some friendships up here. Somehow there doesn’t seem to be enough time for it all. Time to read and think, time to exercise, time to socialize. I guess all of that time boils down to living. I need to start living again. I am chomping at the bit to start traveling again. My first trip will be a big family reunion in two parts. Details will follow.

In the meantime, I will carefully and patiently wait for my second vaccine and the waiting period that will follow. I am almost out of the woods and to the other side. Now is not the time to relax, but I can think about my next steps to create a social circle up here. I can think about what living will look like post-pandemic. There is a lot to think about….but I must remember that I need to do more DOING and less thinking….

Are we almost out of the woods? Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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