I am Tuckered

I got my second Pfizer vaccine this week. It is almost a week after my shot and I am tuckered. Fatigue is one of the side effects, but it hit me later in the week. The day I got the shot I felt very light-headed and went home to finish up my work day. Then I felt OK but lazy all week. All in all, I am fine and relieved to have both shots.

I had a lackluster work week. I was uninspired and lazy. My boss was out of town. I overstepped on something and felt awful about it. Apparently I was harder on myself than my boss. She sent me a snippy email reminding me to stay in my lane and she was done. Oh, I have a feeling the issue will be raised at some point, but I have thought about what I want to say, so I am prepared. I just feel stupid for overstepping. It wasn’t worth it.

Being incredibly lazy this weekend has left me feeling the “woulda, coulda, shouldas”. I should be doing this, I could be doing that and if I felt up to it I would be going there. Instead I have not wandered far from my apartment. Yesterday I forced myself to take a 30 minute walk and hit Walmart to buy a ridiculous amount of stuff.

Seriously, how in the world did I spend $200 at Walmart for one person? Let’s see: 2 sports bras, a restock of personal care (lotions, shampoo, etc.), food and BAM $200. I brought it all up to my third floor place, unpacked and plopped on the couch.

I did make these amazing turkey burgers. I am doing my laundry. I read a page-turning book (great, quick read). I am writing. But no big outdoors or exercise routines. I received my order of several new (to me) workout tops and capris from ThredUp plus 2 new sports bras, so that’s an incentive to get up and get dressed to sweat. But instead, here I sit ready for a nap or a long, epic movie that will incite a nap. Yawn, the nap is sounding fabulous….

These are the times I miss having a kitty to snuggle with. Nothing like a nap with a kitty on your lap. Photo by Kasya Shahovskaya on Unsplash

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A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

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