Competitive People

We are doing a running challenge at work. It is part of our virtual team building,rah rah stuff. We use the Whoop strap to track the participants.

I foolishly challenged my boss on our company intranet site. Yes, I know better now. She is more fiercely competitive then I gave her credit for. She is constantly fighting to be at the top of the leaderboard. Keep in mind one of the participants is an ultramarathoner.

However Mr. ultramarathoner screwed up. He thought that he would be really cute and not sync his Whoop strap with his phone and sandbag a lot of data. The joke ended up being on him because the strap has very limited memory capacity. He didn’t check that out and lost days upon days of relevant data. He’s now somewhere in the middle of the pack.

My boss was out of town when the challenge started. I didn’t run the first week because apparently my Covid vaccine knocked me on my butt. My boss noticed and was frosty to me when she returned to town. By Wednesday, I wanted to clear the air. We had a quick meeting with the CEO which I will write about because it was somewhat entertaining. Anyway we were debriefing and I brought up the fact that the week before I wasn’t myself. She had an incredible sigh of relief.

I told her that on one particular day, when I completely screwed something up, I had a 1% recovery. Yes my body was completely exhausted. She was aghast, but also very relieved. She thought I had dumped her at the challenge.

Thank goodness my boss does not participate with social media, because she is tracking everyone in this challenge with a feverish obsession. Now that I understand her scrutiny, I find myself running every day. This weekend I made sure to not only do my little half hour run, but I also added additional walking. This challenge is going to kill me.

I only have two more weeks. I hope I can live that long. It’s starting to get warmer and I prefer to run outside. Hopefully my body can take it.

In the meantime there is an admin at another location and she is going head-to-head with my boss. Apparently she is also very competitive. She’s devious too. The admin will wait until about 9 o’clock at night to see how everyone else is lining up for the day and then will jump onto a treadmill, I’m guessing, for another 15 to 20 minutes to take her into first place. That shit drives my boss insane. My boss is running seven or more miles a day.

I told my boss at the very beginning that I would be the tortoise and she could be the hare. I also said I was not anticipating a fairytale ending and that the hare would finish before the tortoise. I honestly don’t mind. I was just doing it for fun, but apparently some people take this shit way too seriously. There’s even prizes but I don’t care. I just want to survive intact. What was I thinking?

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

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5 thoughts on “Competitive People

  1. What I take from this is: last post you were ‘complaining’ about your extra weight and this post, you’re telling us about running/exercising over 30 minutes a day. And I don’t care about any silly challenge your boos and that other lady are getting into that may not be good for their health. What I’m seeing is that YOU will most certainly see results from what you are sowing 😉

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