Traveling Fool

Next weekend and the weekend after are jam-packed family adventures in different states. I am so excited! I am spending money like I won the lotto, but a) I have savings so there will be no credit card interest accumulating and b) these are once in a lifetime events. I keep telling myself it’s OK, but remember to keep saving.

First up is my uncle’s memorial. We have been waiting over a year to celebrate his Life. He was the only doctor for 30 years in a small, remote area. He was beloved by all. The family is expecting a large turnout of over 100 people.

I fly into my 84-year-old dad’s city, so I can drive them over 6 hours to this small town. I haven’t seen my dad for two years. I am staying with my cousin, who is a hoot. I foresee shenanigans. My son is joining us. We have one day of boating planned. It should be a lot of fun.

Within days of returning, I head up to NYC for a whirlwind weekend. I land on Saturday and leave on Monday. My daughter is graduating from her residency. Hooray! It is a black tie event at a swanky venue.

The black tie part threw me for a loop. I had a cute cocktail dress ready to go. Thank goodness for ThredUP! After I couldn’t get the two dresses I wanted from Rent the Runway, I turned to ThredUP. Holy cow, for $100, I got two dresses….that I can return. I also got some shoes, a clutch and a pashmina. I will return the one I don’t use. No, I am not going to return the one I wear like it’s a rental. I am tempted, but I won’t. I have a dress from my old life that could also work, so I have a back-up plan if neither dress works out. My fingers are crossed. One looks perfect…

I have other shoes coming from DSW just in case. The wonderful part is I can return anything that doesn’t work. The same with some casual wear from Old Navy.

My next order of business was gifts. I told you I was spending money like a fool. My daughter was tough. I have been pondering this for weeks. She won’t be returning to Florida, so I wanted something to celebrate her roots. I ended up getting her several things. I wanted to get some cool artwork related to her specialty, but she is moving twice in two years, so I also wanted things that are easy to pack.

She is getting: 1) a cool beach-theme necklace for her Florida roots 2) nice 14k gold earrings she can wear to work 3) a silly mug and badge clip related to her specialty for giggles. All with a very funny card that will include a thoughtful note to be written. I love Etsy.

When I get to my dad’s city, I will be picked up by my business consultant and feted to a nice dinner. I got him a baby gift because his wife is due in about a month. The whole dinner thing is tied to making sure my dad is not driving at night since I arrive in the evening. My consultant is a saint. He volunteered immediately. My back-up plan was a high school girlfriend.

I have to get my cousin a hostess gift. I will send something really nice afterwards. I haven’t figured out what to walk in the door with. I am flying with carry-on luggage, so I am limited. I might just grab something in my dad’s city or on the drive over.

Then we have the logistics of travel. The first trip is easy. Straight out of Palm Beach Airport. I will Uber over. The next trip is out of Fort Lauderdale at the ungodly hour of 7am. By my calculations to account for travel and check-in times, I will need to get my lazy butt out the door by 4:30 am at the absolute latest. My plan is to sleep on the plane with headphones and sleep mask.

This is a lot after such a long travel hiatus. Plus after July 4th, I am headed out again for my aunt’s memorial service. That will be another interesting family weekend that will probably have drama. I will be the person sitting on the sidelines watching it unfold.

If I start my count from Memorial Day, over 6 weeks, I will only have one with a five day work week…and I just finished that one. I don’t think my boss has realized this and I am not volunteering this information. It is all clearly noted on her calendar. LOL

I have laughed that all this flying should guarantee a viral video from crazies on a plane. After all, I am flying out of Flori-Duh. Personally, I just want there to be no delays. I am on a tight schedule. 😀

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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