Got Vaccinated?

It is fascinating to listen to people justify why they haven’t gotten vaccinated. None of this makes any sense to me, but I quietly listen and keep my opinions to myself.

I have three people who had Covid and think that this gives them sufficient immunity. Personally that is not a risk I would take, but their body, their choice.

I heard that one of our senior leaders is just flat out against it. Not only will he not get it, but he won’t let other family members (all adults) under his roof either. That is not someone I want to engage in a conversation about his decision. I will avoid that topic with him, however, he is a leader and this spills over to work because if I know about it, surely his direct reports know and it can be an influence on their decision to get vaccinated.

I know others that just don’t think they need it. They didn’t get a flu shot or shingles, so why bother with this. They are uneasy about the side effects and hear the stories of folks who got Covid anyway. They even recognize that the break-thru Covid cases are mild, but they don’t want to get the vaccine.

I just sit back and listen. I don’t preach, lecture, guilt or in any way push any of these people to get their vaccine. Maybe I should, but I like having peace and quiet. These are grown people and if they aren’t willing to take the time to get educated about the vaccines and take care of themselves, is it my responsibility to offer up my perspective. Nope. I am not going to do it.

We have others, like me, that obtained their vaccination as soon as possible. All of us agreed that our side effects were mild to moderate, but very short-lived. It is a real mixed bag of vaccinated and non-vaccinated folks in my world.

One colleague was outraged that my daughter’s residency graduation required proof of vaccination in order to attend the ceremony. She was all about “nobody telling her” while completely forgetting about others that would be at the event. I just listened. Hey, I am vaccinated. I can go where I want and do what I want without limitations. That alone is a great reason to get it, but there are a lot of folks who aren’t buying it.

In some ways this relates to my post about radicalization. Have we always been so (dare I say) ignorant? Is it ignorance? Is it selfishness? I don’t know, but I do know that the only person I can control and be responsible for is myself. That is enough for now.

Meanwhile, Covid cases are rising and non-vaccinated folks represent the vast majority of the cases. The New York Times had an article specifically about the very small Arkansas town my mother retired to. I had spent quite a bit of time at the hospital in the article. This is a fantastic small hospital and now they are in the midst of a horrific Covid outbreak because less than a third of the patient base got vaccinated. So sad and so unnecessary.

What does concern me the most is what one immunologist said. This doctor said that unvaccinated people become the host for new variants. They are easy for the virus to penetrate and wreak havoc. The major pharmaceutical companies are already preparing for this because why else would they be talking about booster shots. Booster shots cover variants. That is why we have annual flu shots. We are a long way from the end of this pandemic because of stubborn, non-vaccinated people. Shame on them.

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