Bumbling Thru Week One

Oh good grief, I cannot believe I jumped onto Bumble and am giving it the old college try. Right before I came over here to write something about sex and dating for Hump Day, I was trying to figure out some wittier openers than “Hello, I liked your profile”. So lame.

Thankfully the internet is full of suggestions, so I am trying out a few and I will report back. I have about six guys that are intermittently chatting. One has a MeetUp group, so I am joining them at a concert later this week. I am not sure he is a good match, but perhaps there can be a friendship.

One guy is too far away and he’s not a match. Don’t ask, he’s just not the one for me. I’ve got a couple that are simply dropping breadcrumbs. Some are better at breadcrumbing than others.

Am I disappointed? No, not really. I expected this nonsense. It gives me time and practice to work on my banter.

One of my breadcrumb dudes had this exchange with me on Sunday night. I was feeling feisty because I had a great day (which I will tell you about tomorrow). I admire his unflappable nature and willingness to test the waters.

I really did just turn off the phone and head off to bed. I decided to see how this would play out. Midmorning on Monday, I got this message:

But he is a BC (Breadcrumb dropper). I gave him two days that I was free. Nope, he hasn’t picked up on that. It could be because we switched to direct text, but naw, he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. Time will tell.

I just had one guy unmatch with me due to my very corny opening line. That’s OK, he doesn’t have a good sense of humor if he cannot chuckle at a lame joke in an awkward situation. Here is my reenactment:

🍋🍋 Sorry, I couldn’t find an opening lime…. sorry, that was really 🌽🌽. 😂

Yeah, that did have the maturity of a 10-year-old. But come on, it is kind of funny, right? Am I completely off on this? Should I be more serious? Who the hell can be serious on these apps anyway? OK, maybe I will drop that one as an opener.

Yeah, this is going to a marathon, not a sprint. That’s OK, I have some other tricks up my sleeve for meeting folks in real life. More to follow… in the meantime, if you have any hints or suggestions, I can obviously use the help. LOL.

Published by birdiehope

A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

6 thoughts on “Bumbling Thru Week One

  1. Love that your in dating apps. Where I live I wouldn’t even dear ….lol . Wish I was back in Toronto to try all the apps out. I’m so scared of them had bad experiences. Have you ever looks at this guy in youtube Jonathan Asay (I think I have the last name wrong) but he gives pretty good advice for dating and using the online world . Also I think witty is great .

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    1. Aww, thank you! Are you thinking of Matthew Hussey – very attractive Brit? I adore him. Yeah, if I’m not witty, I’m not being true to myself. Take me or leave me as I am. 😊

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