As we all know, Flori-DUH is the epicenter for COVID. I am so embarrassed to be a citizen of this state. I did not vote for our Gov. DeSatan, as some call him. I am fully vaccinated and had put my mask back on in stores about two weeks ago. I have a trip for daughter’s baby shower, so I am playing it safe by avoiding crowds and hanging with only fully vaxxed folks for the most part.

However last week was a bit tense at work. Not for me in particular, but for others. The unvaccinated but also unmasked folks at work were in a tizzy all week. We had some folks out sick, my boss came in under the weather and those who aren’t vaccinated freaked the fuck out.

As well they should. As the week wore on, it became evident that we had a serious COVID outbreak. Out of 7 people who work in a socially-distant, but open work environment, 4 got COVID. The 3 who didn’t are vaccinated, which included me. Those in the surrounding offices are a mix of vaccinated and COVID survivors, but they are nervous too.

In addition to our outbreak, there is another upstairs apparently. Our parking lot is half full and that is not due to vacations or travel. People are scared. Once again, no information is being disseminated. I only know because our HR Director was on the phone with positive cases all week and she told me off the record about our outbreak. She knows I am no fool and knew what was up. I watched the debate amongst senior leadership on how to deal with it. Ugh.

I am mildly concerned. I know, you might have possibly been freaking out. My rationale is none of the sick folks in my area were in the office all week. Somehow it popped up over the weekend. I sit the farthest from all of them. This gave me time and distance to lessen the exposure.

I called my daughter because I am flying to her city this weekend for her baby shower. I explained the situation. I told her I had 2 at-home tests that I planned to use for her trip. I would take one before leaving and possibly the other on the day of the event.

However, after that conversation, at six days from possible exposure, I finally have a mild sore throat , runny nose and mild fatigue plus a short-lived headache which are early symptoms. Crap. I am continually monitoring myself. I have an in-home test with another on the way. The first round came back negative, but it is an antigen test, not the more accurate PCR.

My doctor daughter and a doctor friend are helping me monitor the whole situation and devise a plan for testing. My daughter mentioned her slight concern her vaccination needs a booster because she received it 8 months ago. She got the first shot prior to knowing she was pregnant. However, she is satisfied with our plan.

I cancelled with MeetUp dude on an evening of karaoke. I regretted that, but bars and singing are known to be huge spreaders. Plus I was exhausted that night (yeah, I figured out why). Regardless I need to play it safe. I explained to him, through text, my concerns and my work outbreak. He was very understanding and checked on me throughout the weekend. Rats. I was looking forward to it. Yet another rain check with him.

I did get my hair done prior to figuring out I was having symptoms. Before we started, I asked my lovely, very young hair stylist if she was vaxxed. Yep, everyone in the salon got J&J. I relaxed and we had a lovely appointment.

We tweaked my cut a bit, freshened the color and 2 of the stylists taught me different techniques to change up my look. They are so sweet. They all took a deep interest when they learned I was on Bumble.

We also got a huge laugh when I was showing my stylist a picture of something on my phone and a very naughty text from BC popped up. I quickly swiped it away. She said, “What was THAT?!” Nothing, I reply. We look at each other and burst out laughing hysterically.

Life is good. After 24 hours of the onset of the last symptoms, I felt fine. I woke up Sunday and was back to normal. I rested over the weekend and am thankful I am vaccinated. That shit works!

Photo by Raoul Croes on Unsplash

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9 thoughts on “Tizzy

  1. It’s really interesting the notification rules state to state. I am HR and the COVID-czar in my office, and I get notifications if someone on either floor of our office has a positive test result. I have to take attendance daily as to who is in the office, who is coming into the office, because contact tracing and notification rules if we have even one positive result.

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    1. Oh, HR knows and does all the contact tracing they believe is necessary. Our protocol has a 10-minute rule: if you talked to the person less than 10 minutes, you aren’t notified. Crazy. I know they are trying, but I listened to the HR VP track down about 8 people on Friday to discover some had called in sick with upset stomachs (Covid), exposed others and it was a mess. We had someone show up to the office to tell their boss in person that they had tested positive. It is like a … pandemic! I just stay away from everyone…


  2. I have nothing but sympathy for you living in Florida right now. I’m not sure I could stand the anti vaccine attitude down there. As for your Governor, that seems as good a name as any.

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