Round #2

It is Hump Day (aka Wednesday), so this is about sex, but not too graphic. If you aren’t interested, come back tomorrow.

Round 2 with BC was much like Round 1 with a couple of exceptions. I I reached to get together and he obliged. There was no restaurant pre-meeting and I headed up straight after work because it was somewhat last minute.

Since I was coming straight from work, he said I could take a shower there, so I invited him to join me. He had been playing golf that afternoon. He agreed, so when I arrived he was in a bathrobe and we jumped in the shower. It was easy, fun and I giggled inside when he paused to squeegee the glass shower walls afterwards. Remember I mentioned he has a bit of neat freak side?

I kicked things off by offering him a massage, so he received a luxurious full body massage. He loved it. We romped, it was enjoyable. I brought my own lube this time because I needed something better than coconut oil. Our romps include breaks and a little convo. I end up doing much of the talking, but I also take pauses, so it’s not like I am an endless chatterbox filling the silence with words.

We headed downstairs afterwards and he gives me a 10 minute golf lesson. But after about 10-15 minutes of chitchat, he opens his frig and offers me a water for the ride home. Social cue taken, I head out.

What’s interesting is the morning after I am once again reflective.  This isn’t what I want.  I want to hang out, cook dinner or have a nice meal together – something to generate a connection with a bit of romance and then get down to business.

This doesn’t feel right.  I like the guy.  There is a lot to like about him, but there is not going to be the type of relationship that I want. To be fair to him, he is very honest and upfront about what he wants – which is sex without any form of commitment. 

I don’t think I can do that.  I don’t think I want to do that. When I think back to HWINL, the way he won me over was he cared.  He cooked dinner for me, snuggled, loved kissing.  He was very romantic at the beginning and I love that shit, who doesn’t? BC isn’t a smooching/kissing, romantic kind of guy.  

I think the big question now is when do I cut it off? I need to think about that as well. For now I am sitting back and waiting. A friend suggested that BC might like or need the chase and the competition, so I need to let that unroll. I’m good with that because my Bumble feed is pretty steady.

To be continued….

Photo by Skyler King on Unsplash

Published by birdiehope

A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

4 thoughts on “Round #2

  1. If you want something more then I would tell him. Otherwise, move on and get what you truly want. I think being upfront is the better thing. Always listen to your gut and always put your needs first. I love cuddling and romance. I’m waiting to see how this turns out and hoping it’s in your favor.

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