Future Goals

I have been thinking about some self-improvement/self-love things I want to do over the next several years or so. I am blogging so I don’t forget this stuff. Sometimes my bright ideas are like a SnapChat – only here for a minute…. Here are these goals:


  • I still need to cash in my whole life insurance fund and get that money in my bank account. That money will fund my house down payment. I need to do this before the end of the year, so I don’t have to pay another premium.
  • I am about $3,000 from completing the funding of my Emergency Fund. What a tremendous milestone for me. It will be my first fully funded Emergency Fund.
  • Buy my new home – this is another huge milestone. Next summer I will start the pre-qualifying process and the other things necessary to prepare for the purchase.
  • Begin a new savings account that will hold all my sinking fund monies.
  • Create sinking fund allotments for purchasing a “new to me” car in 2024 at the earliest (current car will be 7 years old by then), home improvements and travel. Those are the primary categories right now.

It is an interesting concept for me to remember that once I complete my Emergency Fund, it is really just that – complete. Yes, I may need to replenish it from time to time, but for the most part, it will simply sit there. I haven’t really had that before.


I want to do some work on me physically. It is long overdue for me to put me first. I have been maxing out my HSA account since starting this job. Even with some normal expenditures, I am hoping to have almost $9,000 in that account by the end of 2022. I don’t want to do anything too radical like DD breast implants, but here is my list of items:

  • Lasik – I have wanted Lasik for years. Yes, it makes me a bit nervous to do elective surgery on my eyes, but I think the medical advances mitigate the risk. I have horrible vision and now astigmatism. I would really like to lose the contacts and glasses. I don’t mind if I need reading glasses in the future, but I would like to have better vision. This could be the first item to check off, so I am estimating doing it sometime in 2022.
  • Smile Direct – I had braces many years ago. I endured teeth removal, headgear, rubber bands and all the pain entailed by having braces for 2+ years. Now my bottom teeth are crowding. I want to improve my smile because it is one of my best assets. I don’t think it is so complicated that I need anything more than 6 months or so of Smile Direct. There is even a nearby Smile Direct location where they can do the impressions and other necessary exams, so I don’t have to do that at home. Invisalign is more than twice the cost. I need to have some deep cleanings completed before I proceed, so this would be sometime in 2022.
  • Tummy Tuck – when (not if), I lose my 45 pounds, I will need to address the excess skin which will be primarily in my stomach area. I know a tummy tuck is painful, but I think that this is something that will really keep me accountable for keeping the weight off. I want to look sexy (or more sexy than I am today – LOL). The earliest I would be ready to do this would be sometime in 2024. This last item is one that could or could not happen, but I want it on the list for now.

I could add more stuff like love, friendship, travel and whatever, but for now these are the items that are at the top of my list. I will revisit this in a year or so to see how I am doing. My fingers are crossed.

Birdie is getting her shit together…

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