I have the tendency to over-share. My life is an open book for the most part. I try to use this blog to mitigate my “spill the guts” propensity. I can’t say the blog stops me, but I think it slows me down.

I can overshare at any moment. When I was heading home from the crazy funeral, I told my Uber driver about my cousin’s arrest. Why? Because I was bursting.

I can keep some secrets, but it can be an effort. I easily kept one about my daughter from her dad and everyone else. It was not my story to tell. Oftentimes that is what keeps my mouth shut. If it is about someone else, I say that to myself over and over again.

However, if it is about me, my filter can fall right off. Does it matter? Actually, yes. It can provide ammo for folks who should only have unloaded weapons. I am thinking specifically about work right now.

I know I have secrets about myself that would astonish people and cause them to think less of me. I tuck those away. These secrets are generally bad decisions. I probably wrote about most of them on my old blog. They can rest there. I don’t need to disappoint or shock people at this point.

I need to rein in my over-sharing. It isn’t good for dating or work. Perhaps I over-share because I think I am far more interesting than I actually am – LOL. I need to develop my discretion muscle a bit more. I need to hold back a bit and be perhaps more mysterious. That would probably up my dating game.

In the meantime, I have started to rein myself in when chatting on Bumble. I don’t volunteer as much as I use to. That’s a start. Plus one person I hold back from is my boss. There is very little in my personal life she needs to know….because it will all come back and bite me.

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A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

4 thoughts on “Over-sharing

  1. I like this. I just wrote something that is in terms of listening to others more and being more interested in them to improve my social skills. I agree that oversharing is not meant for certain people in our lives. I think Brene Brown says “ not everyone deserves your vulnerability” I try to remember that when I go overboard with sharing my life in person.

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