Second Date

I had a second date with the super fit guy I wrote about here. I need to give him a name because we may have a few more outings. Let’s call him Baywatch. He loves the water and surfs regularly.

I liked him more this date. He is very nice. Perhaps he was less nervous. We had no problem chatting away. He said I looked great. 🥰

We went out on a Thursday night (which was his Saturday for work because he takes off Thursday, Friday and Sundays). He has a very stable, non-traditional job in a medically-related field. I won’t say what simply because it is TMI, but it is really interesting to me.

Since our last date, he did get his Covid vaccine, so I was pleased about that.

We were at at a hip beer garden and watched golf and dog agility trials on the big TV’s. It was fun. He is very athletic and, of course, can play golf but he swears he’s not good. He prefers to surf, so we talked about our mutual favorite beach, New Smyrna Beach.

He wants to go biking. I said sure, but he needed to realize I had a cruiser, so it would be a leisurely pace. He laughed and said that would be fun.

He is easy to be around. It was a fun evening. However, at the end, just a hug. No kiss, not even a fleeting one. Hmmm, does he still have me in the friend zone?

This is soooo good for me. I have to be patient. I am learning what a seemingly good guy will do for and with a High Value Woman such as myself (I have been down a Reddit hole that discusses this). I deserve this respect and slow approach. I actually like it too, but I also like kissing….

Let’s see what Baywatch dude does next. We had a month between our first and second dates. Will he shorten the gap? Time will tell.

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

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