Noom Update #3

Holy cow, Noom is still working!! I am now down about 10 pounds. I fit into a super cute dress that had become too snug. Victory!

As I am writing this, it is 8:00 at night and I am mildly hungry. I have to grab some fruit to snack on.

One of my new habits is to walk around the block at work. I try to do this at least once a day, preferably twice. SFLA weather is a humid, rainy mess, so I have to time these jaunts carefully. These walks boost my steps and shorten my evening walks which is nice.

I want to do more BeachBody for toning and stretching. I need to make a list of options, so I can get started more quickly when I want one of their workouts. I find myself leisurely scrolling through the options. It is nothing more than a faintly disguised procrastination and then I get pressed on time.

My food continues to be mostly plant-based. This week I made a Cuban pork with mojo. This will be a treat. I will freeze some for later. I also made a puréed veggie soup as a starter for lunch and sometimes dinner. I eat it cold and it’s delicious. I have tried two carrot-based soup recipes and one is the clear winner.

Food prep is key. If I spend time and energy planning and making meals, it eliminates decision fatigue. Sometimes I feel like a slave to the kitchen as I prep and clean, but the result is I stick to my plan.

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