Time to Change Things Up

My Bumble activity is a trickle. Here’s my scorecard (in no particular order):

  • Breadcrumb Dude (BC) – he checks in via text about once a week. We haven’t hooked up. Neither of us has asked and I am fine to leave it there.
  • Baywatch – two dates in about 5 weeks. I don’t expect that we will get together more than every two weeks or so at most. I’m OK with this because this is teaching me patience.
  • MeetUp Guy – he was out of town, but is back. He has reached out to say hi, but hasn’t made any plans with me. He reached out at 9:00 on a Friday night. Really? I was at a play with my bestie & her hubby. I saw it when I got home, but didn’t respond until 14 hours later as I sat on the beach. We texted for a bit, but now he’s quiet. He gets his test results back this week from a minor medical procedure. I know he hasn’t been feeling 100%, so no hurry there either.
  • I met a European guy for coffee and thought we hit it off. It has been about 3 weeks and I have decided he is a waste of time. He only texts through Bumble even though I gave him my # twice, won’t make any plans for something like a beach day (which is something he has repeatedly suggested). As they say in Texas, he is all hat, no cattle.
  • Golf guy – he is new on the scene. We went to the driving range and we had a good time, I thought. We will see where that goes.

I am not complaining, don’t get me wrong. I do get several catfish a week also. I told one I was a sex therapist today. Bumble deleted him before I got a response. Bummer. I think that will be my go to answer for catfish from now on. I think I need to move to another dating app to change things up.

I conferred with BC, the ultimate player, on this. He is always honest and said that I would get a lot more activity on Match. He also suggested I lead with “BBW seeking”. Translation: Big, beautiful woman. I was surprised, but he insists I would be deluged. He said it is all about attitude.

I could go that route, but I am working hard on Noom. Part of me feels like I am conceding. BBW is not what I want to acknowledge about myself. However, I went into my Reddit rabbit hole and found evidence that he’s right. Holy cow. Who knew?!

I am willing to dip my toe into the world of Match and toy with BBW, BUT my photo options are limited. I have written a profile that leads with “long-legged curvy woman seeking” and put in what I want. I think it sounds good. BC approved it and suggested what photos I need. I am working on those.

My son took some photos of me recently, so I need to see if he got them developed (he’s an old soul who prefers film). I need to ask my bestie and my work friends to snap some. I just need to ask and remember to take selfies also.

Time to change things up and see what happens. A work exec used Match and met her current BF. Who knows, at the very least this will give me blog fodder…

Photo by Cristina Zaragoza on Unsplash

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