Raise Follow Up

One idea I had is that before raises next year, I should explore the possibility of perhaps getting another 40 hours of time off. If they are going to give shitty raises, then just keep them and give me more time off. That is much more valuable to me these days.

I have also been thinking about how my role was described to me during the interview process. People forget over time and circumstances change. That is what has happened to me at work. When I joined this company, my role was brand new. They never had anyone with my subject matter expertise. My boss had been responsible for the work involved, but didn’t have the time necessary to devote to it.

I created my job responsibilities as I went along. My boss spent little time with me to develop my role.

My initial job description included 20%-25% travel. Before Covid, I had put a goal of visiting all of our locations. My boss nixed that and said it was unnecessary. I beg to differ.

The idea while I was interviewing for this role was that once I got settled, my colleague would report to me and I would run the show. That is no longer in the cards. Once again it seems like a bait and switch.

I thought about all of this as I reflected on my conversation with my boss about my raise. I later recognized that she wasn’t feeling well, so that contributed to her peevish attitude. However, there has been a lot of bait and switch on her part.

In the light of day, there is no reason for me to make any big moves. I am safe and financially secure for the first time in many years. My job is stress-free compared to my previous career. I have great benefits which I haven’t had in years. I like the people I work with.

I don’t want to look for another job. Maybe I should just to test the waters. Do I sit down with my boss and maybe the HR VP to hash some of this out? Is it worth the effort? I don’t trust my boss. She is a complicated, emotional person. Once I stir the pot with her and push back, our relationship will never be the same. Do I give a rat’s ass?

After I wrote all of this, I went to my colleague who has been working for our crazy boss for many years. She said this is just part of my boss’ serious dysfunction. WTF? She also said apologetically that she was relieved that she isn’t the only person who has to put up with this crap. I told her we were like the only two people on a deserted island. Geez, I hope it doesn’t turn into Lord of the Flies.

More things to think about…

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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