Bumbling Along Update #3

The best thing I did this week was to set up a burner phone number through a website called BurnerApp. I had the same thing when I had my own business. It keeps my cell number private and now I have a local area code. The problem with giving out my cell number is that my full name, home address and LinkedIn profile show up on the first page of a Google search if you search the number. I want to be untraceable for now, so for $5 a month, I have peace of mind. It has proved to be invaluable, but that’s a story for another day. Man, do I have a tale to tell!

I must say that online dating can create some awkward moments. Here are some of my recent benign online dating encounters:

First up is a nice guy, age appropriate, who reaches out thru Match. Within 2 text exchanges, I realize that he is a CEO for a competitor. Shit. I come to a full halt and disclose my employer. I told him I normally would not do this, however, this was an unusual circumstance. Yep, he is very close friends with our founder, the CEO’s dad. Ugh.

I tell him that my private life is just that, but it is his call. Small world. He’s out. I don’t blame him at all. Oh well, so much for going to the Bahamas on his boat…

Both Match and Bumble have me crossing paths with transgender women. They present as women, and want to date women. They signed up on the dating sites as men. Interesting, but not for me. Good luck to them.

I had a guy who is 12 years my junior chatting with me on Match. He asked what my dealbreakers were. I replied anyone who is a Trumper and believes January 6th wasn’t an insurrection. Hey, he asked and seriously I am not going to sleep with someone (again) who believes that nonsense.

He said he didn’t like to talk about politics because it was a turn-off. I replied that I keep my opinions to myself for the most part, but I wasn’t going to be involved with someone with those beliefs. He said OK and then asked what attracts me to a man mentally and sexually.

Oh, so I guess my serious answer messed with his attempt at sexy talk. I flipped it and asked him his deal breakers. His were cheap, bad dresser, bad kisser, rude. Not a bad list. I refused to engage on the sexy stuff other than to say that a bad kisser tells you a lot about the person’s other skills. He faded away after that. Whatever…

I’m having a drink with a guy midday over the weekend. I have a sneaking suspicion that I may overwhelm him. He wanted to chat first, which is actually a good idea, so we did. He seems very nice.

I had a second date with Golf Guy. I invited him to watch my favorite college football team. He did and we had a lot of fun. I was surprised to learn that he works at a cannabis dispensary. Hello! We had a great conversation about that and he has a doctor to refer to me. Hooray! He was relieved that I am open about 420. More will follow as we get to know each other.

I am just moving guys through my prospecting pipeline. BC and I discussed how this is much like prospecting for sales. You cast a wide net so you have a wide pool of candidates. As they go into the funnel, some naturally fall out which is good because you really only want to focus your attention on the best ones.

However, sometimes as you cast your wide net, you get a bad match. Not just bad due to incompatibility, but because you have come across a creepy dude. Wait til I tell you about him…. Yikes…..

Yep, I feel the same….

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