Noom Update #4

I am chugging along and still working the plan. In addition to my Noom log, I have a notebook that has a 3-year log of my weight and measurements as I have struggled to lose weight. It includes insights into what I was eating and feeling also. It is actually a great resource as I look at my journey,

I have lost 11 pounds on Noom in 43 days. That is roughly 6 weeks at 1.85 pounds a week. AMAZING! In addition, I have lost half an inch off my waist and boobs, 1-1/2 inches off my hips and a stunning 2 inches off my stomach! Hooray! The last time I was around this weight was January 2019. I feel good.

The timing of some of the Noom lessons is good. They have talked about how cardio can make you feel more hungry and dove into the various hormones that drive our hunger and satiety. Very interesting.

I also bought a new scale. I spent a week at the same weight. Then one morning I moved the scale around and got 5 different weigh-in amounts. WTF. I googled the issue, reset the scale by removing the battery and it still wants to be lazy and just call up yesterday’s weight. According to a Wirecutter review of scales, this is a common problem. I bought their top pick for $16 and it has solved my dilemma. Nothing like working hard to lose weight just to be frustrated by a malfunctioning scale!

What are my consistent habits? Here they are in no particular order:

  • Log my food. Every morsel. The good, the bad, the ugly. I have come to find out that my ugly isn’t usually as bad as I thought.
  • Listen/ read the Noom lessons every week day or some combination to get to 5 days a week.
  • Move my body 5+ days a week. My minimum is whatever Noom has for my steps. It is working me up to 10k steps about 500 at a time. Currently it just passed the 5k mark. I give myself bonus points when I get to 10k+. I strive to hit 10k several times a week. I have learned that for me 10k is about 45 minutes of walking.
  • Keep taking my lunch, planning my meals and stay more plant-based. Eating out is a treat and even then I am ordering and eating smaller portions.

That is it. It really isn’t that complicated. I had already eliminated most processed foods from my diet. Noom has stopped me from grazing in the company snack drawer when I am bored. It has pushed my exercising to a more consistent level.

I am only 4 pounds away from achieving my first Noom milestone of 15 pounds. How exciting! I have to think of a fun reward. More to come…

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