Knocking Boots Round 3

It is Wednesday, so time for my Hump Day post about sex. This isn’t too explicit, but just a heads up.

BC is back! You didn’t see that coming did you? Me neither, but what the hell. He is good about checking in about once or twice a week. He also got me up on Match and has been providing interesting feedback on my profile. I made a sly mention about all his good advice was worth rewarding. He responded that he was “always up for a ride”.

We made plans and then I realized that I had double-booked myself. I was suppose to go to the driving range with my bestie for a golf lesson. I dithered all week. The morning of the conflicted schedule, I still had not told either that I had a conflict. However, my bestie wasn’t feeling well. She cancelled. Problem solved.

BC had warned me ahead of time that he had evening plans. “A hot date?”, I teased. I was partially right. He was going to Happy Hour with a longtime lady friend. She too benefits from his advice on different matters. Lucky guy probably had a double-header.

He appreciated the fact that I was fine with it. I really was fine with it. I had a small FOMO moment and a small portion of me is a bit wistful that our relationship isn’t like that, but there is no sense pushing. Plus I had evening plans myself with Creepy Dude. We all know how that ended…ugh.

This was perhaps our best interaction. He was quite happy to see me. We spent 30 minutes chatting, running through my profile, checking out the various guys that had matched and discussing possible changes. Awhile ago he had paid another girl to help him update his profile and pictures. He said it helped tremendously. One thing he told me is that I need a full body picture in a bikini. Seriously? Yep, he told me to own my body and exude my confidence. I liked that.

We checked out his pool and patio renovation which looks great. I had a glass of wine for all this. It is really nice to hang out with someone who you can just let your hair down with. I had arrived in jeans and a t-shirt that said “Wild & Free”. He chuckled and said it suited me.

When we went upstairs, our romp was improved also. More foreplay, he was actively involved in the positions I preferred and we both had fun. He is well-endowed, so I really have to be warmed up to accommodate him without discomfort. He commented on how wet I was. He was right. This was my most prepared romp with him.

We wrapped up and chatted some more. I told him about Noom and my weight loss. He was impressed. We laughed about my upcoming date. I asked him what to do with Baywatch who hasn’t kissed me properly. His advice was to grab his cock. I told him I didn’t want to scare the guy off. We laughed and he said I should lead the way. I really enjoy getting unfiltered guy advice. I always have.

I was grateful to BC later on as my evening with Creepy Dude unfolded. He had checked in on me via text right when the date was ending. He was with me via text as those horrible messages rolled in. I didn’t feel alone and I appreciated that. I guess he may have officially become a FWB. Time will tell.

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4 thoughts on “Knocking Boots Round 3

    1. Naw, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He is emotionally unavailable & definitely non-monogamous. But he has his moments of doing the fight thing & can be kind.

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