A Little Burnt Out

After thinking and writing about work, I realized that I need a break. Labor Day weekend was a good start. I was busy with lots of fun activities and it felt great to have an extra day off. But I need more.

I hope the week I will be taking off to spend with my daughter after the baby arrives will give me a respite and chance to recharge. We are sussing out what I will be doing. I think mostly hanging around and cooking, which sounds lovely.

I will be taking off time over the holidays, so I have that to look forward to. My budget is blown, so these will probably be stay-cation breaks, but that is fine.

I also realized that I need to push back on my boss when she starts her shitty gaslighting behaviors. I have been eliminating toxic people and here I work for one. Shit. I will just have to do a better job of managing her by drawing my line in the sand.

Mostly I need a break to recharge. We are two weeks away from the baby’s due date. Time for me to make a packing list for my go bag!

Photo by Mateusz Stępień on Unsplash


Published by birdiehope

A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

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