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Woody Part #2

This is going to be a wild ride. Let me just preface it all by saying I can see that. It will be messy, fun, and crazy. It will also probably hurt my heart. The question is can I handle this? Am I up for another big adventure?

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning of the second date. I had a busy day. Church, brunch and Woody. All spread out over the day with substantial driving between each. I changed outfits for each. I have no idea why, well I do know why. Each event had a distinct dress code.

Woody had warned me that when I arrived at his place there would be little time between arrival and romping. He was right. A quick drink and down to business. It was fun. He is very touchy-feely and enjoys kissing.

After we had a good romp, we got dressed and went out for Happy Hour. We went to a beachfront spot and had a fun time. Then we went back to his place and played some more. I enjoyed the entire “date” thoroughly.

However, I can see things that could develop into red flags. He is drinking and smoking due to stress. No bueno. He had Stage 4 cancer and survived, but the vices are extra bad for him. He is definitely a survivor and a gambler. He is living in an unimpressive Airbnb with an amazing view. Like me, he is a minimalist. He has money. Plenty. I also get the impression that he is a huge risk taker when it comes to money. More than me and I’m aggressive. I get the feeling he has had some huge financial highs and lows. I have seen this before in others. I have subsequently found out I am right.

He is looking at a fascinating business venture. We discussed it and his meeting prep. This venture could be his last and it would contribute greatly towards his retirement. He likes the fact that I can hold my own in these chats. I don’t offer advice, I just listen.

However perhaps the most interesting thing I learned from all this is about me. Apparently I do not send out a sexy vibe. He couldn’t tell I was hot for him during that first date. I will be writing a complete post on this because I have discussed this with BC.

Fascinating. Until I put my cards on the table that I liked him, he didn’t know. He liked me, but wasn’t sure I felt the same way. Huh. That explains a lot about other men I have been dating. He also explained that he is cautious because he does not want the woman to feel uncomfortable. Hmmmm.

I left that evening on Cloud 9. Then the oxytocin kicked into high gear the next day. Let me tell you something, that shit is crazy strong and lead to a period of limerence that I had to beat down. Oh I see you romantics wondering why I would need to beat those feelings down. It is purely for survival and my sanity. Whew, it wasn’t easy…. More to follow on that….

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A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

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