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Plan C

What does one do when Mystery Lover cancels, a potential Bumble confesses he can’t meet due to one too many beers? We go to Plan C.

This was my dilemma after New Years. I understood Mystery Lovers unsaid issues – they surround his aging dad’s care. The new Bumble dude was meant as a last minute replacement, but he backed away. Not surprising – it’s not Tinder. I respect his decision.

But I wasn’t about to sit at home one more night. I’ve got some interesting Bumble guy who is acting more like a frigging pen pal. No Mas! I got dressed like it’s a first date and headed out to my neighbor’s restaurant. Why not?

Trust me – I was very nervous about this bold move. He works at a very hip, trendy place. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Plus my alternative was a restaurant where I knew NO ONE.

I gave him no warning and plopped down at his sushi bar. He was thrilled to see me and immediately introduced me to his team. From there, I enjoyed an evening of excellent food and good company. He took plenty of time during his busy evening to chat me up. It was a lovely balm on my rejected soul.

The meal and drinks were comped. He walked me out to my car and we had a Miami kiss on the cheek good night. However, we also have plans. He hasn’t been to my favorite beach, so I have promised to take him there.

Yes, yes, there could be complications getting involved with a neighbor, but it’s too soon to say…

Published by birdiehope

A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

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