How’s It Going?

I recently sat down and did a review of things.

First, I checked my budget and spending. I have been flinging money around lately, so I wanted to update my budget and see how far off the rails I have gone. Plus I wanted to figure out worse case scenario of the impact of a steep rent increase. Surprise! I am A-OK. That was a relief. I can afford to keep my golf lesson AND my fancy gym when it opens. Hooray!

Now, this doesn’t mean I can continue my flagrant ways. I do need to get back to my basics, but that isn’t hard. I don’t eat out much because I prefer making my meals. I know -weird, but it ties into both my dieting and frugal habits.

No more shopping. This ties into my next item on my review. Purging and decluttering. I have uncovered an extra delightful bonus in my upcoming purge – the joy of giving.

I have found a lovely new home for the air fryer with someone who is beyond excited about getting it. I bequeathed a really nice planner to a work colleague who was thrilled with it. A frazzled mom is looking forward to some bath bombs I don’t want. A box of books was well received by a group of avid readers.

Everyone is a winner. They get something unexpected and free. I get the joy of giving. How utterly delightful.

My weekends are book-ended with golf and church. Throw in the occasional Scrabble brunch, dinner with my bestie, a day at the beach, long walks along the Intercostal and I feel pleasantly occupied. Add in groceries, errands and housework to make my weekend fly by.

I feel happy and content. I want to plan a vacation, but I hesitate due to my daughter’s upcoming summer move. I blocked out time off for the holidays. I love to plan these dates, so I can look forward to something.

In the meantime, I have small upcoming goals. I will continue on my decluttering journey. I have some Scrabble ladies I want to hang out with to see if a better friendship develops. I have to get some golf clubs, so I can improve my skills with more practice.

I have a life of abundance. I am truly blessed and grateful.

Published by birdiehope

A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

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