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Meeting Another Blogger…

Howdy everyone! I have been on an unplanned hiatus. No reason – I have been writing, but just not blogging. Anyway, the events of this post took place months ago. I held off publishing until Charles was ready. Now it is time…..

I met a blogger. I was headed to Philly, so I reached out to Charles of PhicklePhilly to see if he was interested in grabbing coffee/drink/lunch. He graciously and bravely agreed.

I am adventurous enough to reach out to anyone if I’m going to be in their town and have time. I enjoy meeting new people. Fellow bloggers, govern yourselves accordingly.

He picked a great local spot that I surprisingly remembered from a brunch years ago on the morning after my daughter’s engagement. We settled in and the conversation never lagged.

Charles has had a really interesting journey. He’s funny, a good listener and, like me, has plenty of stories. We instantly connected and chatted about our blogs, his books, dating, relationships, our kids, etc. We covered so much over a single 2-hour lunch that I can’t begin to recap it all.

One topic that resonated with me was how we both have been cutting out the bad/toxic folks in our lives and how Covid helped with that process.

Charles is a great host and proud of his city. I was much more interested in good conversation than exploring Philly. I was content to nurse my drink and revel in a filter-less conversation where no topic is off-limits. I could discuss my blogs past and present.

However I was in Philly for a family event, so eventually it was time to meet up with my clan. My daughter and her besties from high school were bursting with curiosity when I later arrived at their hang-out. They let me drink a glass of wine and pounced.

“Who was he?” “How did we meet?” “ What blog?!” “Can we read it?” Yes, you can read his, but not mine. “Why not?” It was all good-hearted. They are very impressed with my secret blog and my willingness to reach out to someone in a different city. They pounced onto Charles’ blog immediately to check him out. Too funny.

Charles, thank you for an entertaining lunch with great conversation. Thank you for a copy of your book. And thank you for making me look very cool to the young folks in my life – LOL.

Here we are -Birdie & Charles.
This probably the only picture you will ever see of me on this blog. LOL.

Published by birdiehope

A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

8 thoughts on “Meeting Another Blogger…

  1. So glad to read this, Birdie. I’m traveling to Philadelphia for my niece’s graduation and reached out to arrange to meet a blogger there whom I admire. She was game and I’m looking forward to it! I cherish making new friends in midlife and this blogging community has facilitated that.😁

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    1. If you ever come to South FLA, drinks are on me! By the way, this invite is for all of my faithful readers! I would love to meet you all!


  2. How lovely to read this! I too have met bloggers, two local ones, one man, one woman, and it’s so amazing when you connect over online words and then after, when you meet in person, the connection not only prevails but flourishes. 🙂

    I’m so happy to read this. Looking forward to more!

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