What’s New?

I took a little writing hiatus. I guess I ran out of things I wanted to post. I was still writing, but when I read my scribbled notes, it all seems too mundane.

I wrote about my golf lessons – they are going great and I just bought a set of clubs. Hooray! I am about to play my first round of golf, so that will be interesting.

Work has been busy. The Big Boss made some department changes and I now report to someone else. I’m not thrilled, but let’s give it a chance. The good news is I am very close to the Big Boss, so I have no hesitation in communicating directly with him. I am also becoming a mentor to some young women at work. I enjoy that.

My kids are great, grandson is adorable. Nothing to report there. I was a trifle melancholy on Mother’s Day because I didn’t see them. I survived and I’m fine.

I have been continuing to purge my belongings while still adding new clothes. It’s a weird combo, but I’m OK with it. I am long overdue for a wardrobe upgrade. I do need to rein in all my spending though.

I am planning to move when my lease is up at the end of the year. More to follow on that topic.

Nothing going on in the romance side of life. I spent an evening with Mysterious Lover. Bogart is still having health issues. I surrender to Karma who seems to be telling me to take a break. Although I am a bit restless and want to go out to dinner, listen to live music and the like. I need to find someone who simply wants to hang – forget about sex, just hang out. I did go out to Happy Hour recently and had a well-meaning married woman ruin my evening. Hmm, that warrants a ranting post.

I marched in my local Pro-Choice protest rally. That may warrant its own post.

I am laughing as I read over this post because I see a bunch of individual post topics here. OK, OK, I will jot down some thoughts. But I am not in too much of a hurry. I have all the time in the world. I’m happy, healthy and busy. All good things.

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A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

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