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Birdie Hope

Just a woman figuring out who she is. I’m in my late 50’s as I write this. I was married for 25 years and raised two great kids who are now adults making their way in the world. When I turned 50, I had an awakening — some may call it a midlife crisis. I divorced the husband — that was long overdue — and started a new chapter.

I have another blog with over 600 posts. It started out after my divorce, so it was all about sex and dating after the 25-year marriage. I was a wild child for a time. Post divorce, I quickly met and moved in with a man. We were together for 5 years. I changed a lot during that time. He knows and reads my old blog, which I do not recommend Dear Readers.

It is time for a new start, a new chapter. I write about many topics. At first I thought it would be mostly about preparing for retirement, relationships, work – normal everyday stuff. Then I jumped back into the dating scene, so that topic morphed into a weekly Hump Day series about dating and sex. I explore my hopes, dreams, worries. I hope you will share your own thoughts and opinions. I love readers’ take on things

Things to Know About Me
  • I recently moved to my current nest and am trying to make new friends during a pandemic – ugh
  • I make a vision board every January
  • I have 2 great, adult kids and recently became a grandmother!
  • I am a recovering over-spender
  • Weight is an issue I am tackling, so check out my Noom page where I have collected all those posts.
  • I love the beach
  • Work no longer defines me
  • Horror movies terrify me

I am always exploring and trying new things. I love comments, so let me know your thoughts!

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

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