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Where Have I Been?

I have to admit that I have had a lack of writing motivation. It is not that I haven’t been thinking big thoughts, keeping busy and generally motoring along, but I just haven’t had the mental energy to put fingers to keyboard. Work is going well. Really well. For the first time in my careerContinue reading “Where Have I Been?”


It is Wednesday, so time for a Hump Day post about dating, sex and relationships. Today is not very sexy… How many times do cheaters marry the other person? I thought of this because my dad and stepmom are celebrating 50 years together. That is an amazing milestone. My mom claimed they had an affairContinue reading “Cheating”

Housing Crisis – Next Steps

I wrote about my upcoming housing crisis last week. I fretted a bit and then took a step back. I decided several key things: I won’t settle. I still want a garage. This has been on my wish list from the start. I want the garage for my car so I can leave it thereContinue reading “Housing Crisis – Next Steps”

How Did You Meet?

It is time for my weekly Hump Day post where I write about dating, sex, romance and relationships from the perspective of a single, 55+ year old woman. I am always curious about how couples met. I love a good Meet Cute story because I am truly a romantic. Plus my pragmatic side is informallyContinue reading “How Did You Meet?”