My Limerence is Poking Out

How bad was my limerence? Here’s a good sample as I was fighting to regain control. Keep in mind we had only met twice, romped once. I am in the throes of a severe case of infatuation. I become a love bomber… or at least I want to become one. I hold myself back. IContinue reading “My Limerence is Poking Out”

What is Limerence?

Have you ever heard of limerence? I hadn’t heard of it until I got into this crazy blogging world. With my previous blog, I followed some great ladies who wrote frequently about their limerence and the limerence of their paramours. What is limerence? From a Huffington Post article: Limerence, a term coined by psychologist DorothyContinue reading “What is Limerence?”

MeetUp Dude Fouls Out

Once again, I have a low tolerance for people dissing me. I haven’t written about this, but on the upside the term “baking cookies” is now firmly embedded in my urban slang. MeetUp Guy reached out and we had the exchange below. Here is where he went wrong: Timing – he was asking me toContinue reading “MeetUp Dude Fouls Out”

Woody – First Date

Wow. I had a first date/drinks with a guy that blew me away. I am smitten. I have never had this reaction to an online date. From the minute I sat down, I was captivated. Let me back up for a minute because we met within 24 hours of connecting on Bumble. His profile wasContinue reading “Woody – First Date”

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