What’s My End Game?

I am whipping myself into shape. In the past year I have lost 26 pounds, gotten LASIK, finishing up Smile Direct, my eye lash lifts, countless serums and lotions, major wardrobe overhaul. Why? To feel sexy and attractive. Yep, for the first time in my life I am really focused on me and my body.Continue reading “What’s My End Game?”

What are Friendships?

Later in life, in my 50’s, I have begun to better understand friendships and relationships of all sorts – friends, family, work, love/romantic. I have no answers or wisdom to expound in this post. I am definitely a work in progress. However, I have learned a few truths for me and my understanding of myContinue reading “What are Friendships?”

Meeting Another Blogger…

Howdy everyone! I have been on an unplanned hiatus. No reason – I have been writing, but just not blogging. Anyway, the events of this post took place months ago. I held off publishing until Charles was ready. Now it is time….. I met a blogger. I was headed to Philly, so I reached outContinue reading “Meeting Another Blogger…”

Listen, Don’t Think – Part 2

As I have written before, I am estranged from my brother. I have my reasons. I wrote another post about remembering to keep my mouth shut and offering only empathy not opinions or unrequested advice. The above statements are very relevant to my story here. My 85-year-old dad called me saying that something was upContinue reading “Listen, Don’t Think – Part 2”

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