Where Did It Go?

This year my discretionary spending has skyrocketed. Year-to-date I have spent over $3,500 on travel, $2,000 on gifts and $1,800 on the financial planner. That is $7,300 that did not go into my savings account. I am also over $1,300 on my clothing budget. Fortunately over-budget does not mean in debt. I am paying allContinue reading “Where Did It Go?”

I’m Game

One mantra I always try to remember is a simple one. “Just say yes”. This applies to new experiences and social invitations. It has typically worked out very well for me. Last week I really put it to the test with three experimental outings. It’s a good thing I sprang into action because I wasContinue reading “I’m Game”

Retirement Update :: July 2021

Figuring out my retirement path is an interesting mental exercise. I had a financial planner look at my situation and we delved deep into the numbers. I pulled out the report to remind me of what we discussed and where I needed to be headed. I am glad I did. My housing costs may comeContinue reading “Retirement Update :: July 2021”

Just Puttering Along

I have been away from the keyboard but I have been doing a lot of thinking nonetheless. Thinking about the future. Thinking about how to best spend my free time. Thinking about how to make friends, friendships and connecting with family. Lots of thinking. I don’t have anything profound or meaningful to report. My daughterContinue reading “Just Puttering Along”

I Can’t Make This Sh@#t Up

I just returned from a quick trip for my aunt’s memorial service. I first wrote about it here. You need to skim over that post before you read much further on this one. Don’t worry, I will wait because what follows is….wow, like the title says, I can’t make this shit up. I decided toContinue reading “I Can’t Make This Sh@#t Up”

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