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Where Have I Been?

I have to admit that I have had a lack of writing motivation. It is not that I haven’t been thinking big thoughts, keeping busy and generally motoring along, but I just haven’t had the mental energy to put fingers to keyboard. Work is going well. Really well. For the first time in my careerContinue reading “Where Have I Been?”


It is Wednesday, so time for a Hump Day post about dating, sex and relationships. Today is not very sexy… How many times do cheaters marry the other person? I thought of this because my dad and stepmom are celebrating 50 years together. That is an amazing milestone. My mom claimed they had an affairContinue reading “Cheating”

Housing Crisis – Next Steps

I wrote about my upcoming housing crisis last week. I fretted a bit and then took a step back. I decided several key things: I won’t settle. I still want a garage. This has been on my wish list from the start. I want the garage for my car so I can leave it thereContinue reading “Housing Crisis – Next Steps”

Hunkering Down

If we are all preparing for a recession next year, will our preparation make it a self-fulfilling prophecy? I don’t know. I just know that I have been blissfully gliding along and spending money with abandon this year. Time to stop. I spent about $4,000 redoing my apartment. I spent about $3,000 traveling. I spentContinue reading “Hunkering Down”

What’s My End Game?

I am whipping myself into shape. In the past year I have lost 26 pounds, gotten LASIK, finishing up Smile Direct, my eye lash lifts, countless serums and lotions, major wardrobe overhaul. Why? To feel sexy and attractive. Yep, for the first time in my life I am really focused on me and my body.Continue reading “What’s My End Game?”