Update : Future Goals

Back in August, I outlined several items both financially and physically I wanted to accomplish. I am kicking butt and taking names, all modesty aside. Financially I submitted all the paperwork to cash in my whole life policy. They have issued the check and it is proverbially in the mail. Hooray! I decided to reallocateContinue reading “Update : Future Goals”

My Son is Frustrating Today

ARGH!  My son needs to get off my payroll.  He needs to get a job and I got so frustrated with him on a recent call.  First let me provide some background so you can understand why my patience has melted and my frustration has increased. He is well educated with a 4-year degree andContinue reading “My Son is Frustrating Today”

Future Goals

I have been thinking about some self-improvement/self-love things I want to do over the next several years or so. I am blogging so I don’t forget this stuff. Sometimes my bright ideas are like a SnapChat – only here for a minute…. Here are these goals: Financially I still need to cash in my wholeContinue reading “Future Goals”

Where Did It Go?

This year my discretionary spending has skyrocketed. Year-to-date I have spent over $3,500 on travel, $2,000 on gifts and $1,800 on the financial planner. That is $7,300 that did not go into my savings account. I am also over $1,300 on my clothing budget. Fortunately over-budget does not mean in debt. I am paying allContinue reading “Where Did It Go?”

Deep Thoughts on the Morning After

I can be a deep thinker and I had some deep thoughts about life, etc. after hanging with BC. Have I settled for too small a life? Have I given up too soon? Am I willing to make other tradeoffs to have more? What does more look like? Do I want a bigger job, biggerContinue reading “Deep Thoughts on the Morning After”

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