Update : Future Goals

Back in August, I outlined several items both financially and physically I wanted to accomplish. I am kicking butt and taking names, all modesty aside. Financially I submitted all the paperwork to cash in my whole life policy. They have issued the check and it is proverbially in the mail. Hooray! I decided to reallocateContinue reading “Update : Future Goals”

Where Did It Go?

This year my discretionary spending has skyrocketed. Year-to-date I have spent over $3,500 on travel, $2,000 on gifts and $1,800 on the financial planner. That is $7,300 that did not go into my savings account. I am also over $1,300 on my clothing budget. Fortunately over-budget does not mean in debt. I am paying allContinue reading “Where Did It Go?”


I have been having a small pity party for myself over the past day or so. No particular reason. I have been feeling a bit lonely of late, but I immediately addressed this. I don’t feel sexy and desirable on Bumble, and the guys I like don’t reciprocate. I am mildly concerned about housing costsContinue reading “Morose”

Just Puttering Along

I have been away from the keyboard but I have been doing a lot of thinking nonetheless. Thinking about the future. Thinking about how to best spend my free time. Thinking about how to make friends, friendships and connecting with family. Lots of thinking. I don’t have anything profound or meaningful to report. My daughterContinue reading “Just Puttering Along”

Byzantine Paperwork

This is my year of seemingly endless financial paperwork. And to think it doesn’t even include buying a home. This year I am focused on the following. First and foremost is unraveling my mom’s mysterious annuity. I submitted the application to set up the rollover account. During that process I gleaned some helpful information fromContinue reading “Byzantine Paperwork”

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