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Scratching an Itch

Ah, it is Hump Day when I write about sex, dating and relationships from my 55+year old perspective. Today is a little racy, but not too bad. In a weak moment I reached out to Mysterious Lover and we finally hooked up. I’m glad I did. We had an exhausting 2-hour romp that left bothContinue reading “Scratching an Itch”

How Did You Meet?

It is time for my weekly Hump Day post where I write about dating, sex, romance and relationships from the perspective of a single, 55+ year old woman. I am always curious about how couples met. I love a good Meet Cute story because I am truly a romantic. Plus my pragmatic side is informallyContinue reading “How Did You Meet?”

I’m in the Desert

I am definitely in a dry spell/void/lull when it comes to the dating scene. I am completely off the dating sites with no plans to get back on them. I want to try meeting men in real life, but I have been quite a homebody. Wait, let me recant the homebody statement. Yes, I amContinue reading “I’m in the Desert”

Karma’s Hilarious – Part 2

It is Wednesday, so time for my weekly post about sex and dating. No sex and no dating, so no need to get your panties in a bunch. 😂 Last week I continued my story about Bogart, an online dating match. Let’s update my scorecard. Have we met? Nope. Why? It seems nutty right? TakeContinue reading “Karma’s Hilarious – Part 2”

Karma’s Got A Wicked Sense of Humor

Today is Hump Day when I blog about dating and sex as a 55+ year-old woman. Today is not explicit, sorry. 😁 I left all of you Dear Readers with me being impatient and irritable about not being to immediately meet Bogart. This post is cobbled together from my notes and the current situation, soContinue reading “Karma’s Got A Wicked Sense of Humor”

Mystery Lover

It’s Hump Day, when I write about sex and dating. Today shouldn’t make you blush, but if you aren’t into explicit posts, please come back tomorrow when I won’t be so…direct. 😁 I had a date all planned out with Mystery Lover. He had to cancel over New Year’s. No hotels on New Years EveContinue reading “Mystery Lover”