Disgusted – Bumble Update #4

I never did get around to dumping or blocking MeetUp Guy, for his blunder. Although both Woody and BC said to dump him and I agreed, I simply ghosted. He invited me to a sporting event, but I ignored him because I was with my daughter. Then he pinged me a week later. By thisContinue reading “Disgusted – Bumble Update #4”

Aftermath :: I Wanted the Fantasy

Woody responded to my email, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for. He was kind enough to respond quickly. He defined us as FWB and explained that he would be busy and then sailing around the islands for awhile. In other words, “hasta la vista, baby”. It wasn’t a surprise, but it still stung.Continue reading “Aftermath :: I Wanted the Fantasy”

Hey Sexy Man

My limerence poked back out after Woody left. This popped out and I impulsively emailed it before my calmer, cooler self prevailed… Thank you – thank you for spending Sunday with me before you left. Thank you for being so amazingly good, giving and game on all levels. Thank you for being vulnerable and showingContinue reading “Hey Sexy Man”


This is a somewhat explicit post as part of my Hump Day series. Govern yourself accordingly. 😁 My Sunday Funday with Woody was something that went wildly beyond my expectations. Let’s back up because before the day began I was somewhat grumbly for a couple of reasons: · He requested that I make something IContinue reading “Wrecked”

Setting Expectations

This post is out of sequence but it’s part of my Hump Day series about sex. It isn’t too explicit. These events occurred prior to Junior’s birth. Woody came over, as promised. We had a lovely romp and then, as he promised, we went out to dinner. BTW, I totally hooked us up on dinner.Continue reading “Setting Expectations”

What Does This Mean?

People are usually very straightforward, but oftentimes I overthink the situation. Sometimes I am right and sometimes I have over complicated things. BC came sniffing around this week. Kind of like a big old tomcat checking in on me to see if I want to hook up. He’s respectful, I will give him that. HeContinue reading “What Does This Mean?”

My Limerence is Poking Out

How bad was my limerence? Here’s a good sample as I was fighting to regain control. Keep in mind we had only met twice, romped once. I am in the throes of a severe case of infatuation. I become a love bomber… or at least I want to become one. I hold myself back. IContinue reading “My Limerence is Poking Out”

What is Limerence?

Have you ever heard of limerence? I hadn’t heard of it until I got into this crazy blogging world. With my previous blog, I followed some great ladies who wrote frequently about their limerence and the limerence of their paramours. What is limerence? From a Huffington Post article: Limerence, a term coined by psychologist DorothyContinue reading “What is Limerence?”

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