Going to the Office in a Pandemic

I love Ask A Manager. It has been a tremendous resource as I transitioned back to a normal work environment after 17 years. Yes, I spent 17 years working 100% commission with a bunch of sharks, but I digress. Today is about Covid and the workplace. During the past year on Ask a Manager, thereContinue reading “Going to the Office in a Pandemic”

Getting Back Out There

I thought I would jump back into online dating. I even spoke to a woman who takes candid photos of you and helps develop your online profile. It simply seemed like too much work right now. I am blasé about dating and perhaps that is a really good place to be. Since this is myContinue reading “Getting Back Out There”

Week Recap – Golf and Live Music

This past week felt like….normal. Almost pre-pandemic normal. How weird. I got my first Covid vaccine (Pfizer) on Monday (sore arm was the only side effect). I had two golf lessons this week, gave a speech for Toastmasters and went down to Miami for a girls sleepover. It was a busy week. Almost too busyContinue reading “Week Recap – Golf and Live Music”

Post Pandemic Bucket List

Have you made your bucket list of things you want to do when we can venture out more? I have been thinking about that and this is my list, in no particular order:’ Live music – this can be listening to live music in a bar, a concert, a music festival. Give me some liveContinue reading “Post Pandemic Bucket List”

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