3 Strikes, You’re Out!

Hey guys, here are some tips about first dates if you want to go out with me on a second date. This is based on a recent first date, last date. Show up on time and respect time constraints. This guy showed up 20 minutes late. He warned me 30 minutes prior he was runningContinue reading “3 Strikes, You’re Out!”

Time to Change Things Up

My Bumble activity is a trickle. Here’s my scorecard (in no particular order): Breadcrumb Dude (BC) – he checks in via text about once a week. We haven’t hooked up. Neither of us has asked and I am fine to leave it there. Baywatch – two dates in about 5 weeks. I don’t expect thatContinue reading “Time to Change Things Up”

Future Goals

I have been thinking about some self-improvement/self-love things I want to do over the next several years or so. I am blogging so I don’t forget this stuff. Sometimes my bright ideas are like a SnapChat – only here for a minute…. Here are these goals: Financially I still need to cash in my wholeContinue reading “Future Goals”

Bumbling Along Update #2

Bumble is a very strange place. People’s insecurities and issues pop out at a moment’s notice. For example, I spent a good part of Sunday texting with a seemingly nice guy. A little younger by 5-6 years, stable job in a highly-skilled trade, military vet, divorced after 20 years. We bantered and it seemed fine.Continue reading “Bumbling Along Update #2”

Round #2

It is Hump Day (aka Wednesday), so this is about sex, but not too graphic. If you aren’t interested, come back tomorrow. Round 2 with BC was much like Round 1 with a couple of exceptions. I I reached to get together and he obliged. There was no restaurant pre-meeting and I headed up straightContinue reading “Round #2”

Deep Thoughts on the Morning After

I can be a deep thinker and I had some deep thoughts about life, etc. after hanging with BC. Have I settled for too small a life? Have I given up too soon? Am I willing to make other tradeoffs to have more? What does more look like? Do I want a bigger job, biggerContinue reading “Deep Thoughts on the Morning After”

Knocking Boots

This is an explicit post, so if you don’t want to read about sex, please come back tomorrow. I will be back to more mundane topics. Knocking boots is BC’s (aka Breadcrumb dude) euphemism for sex. I find it funny. Everyone has their name for sex. We knocked boots and it was interesting (also quiteContinue reading “Knocking Boots”

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