Retirement Update :: July 2021

Figuring out my retirement path is an interesting mental exercise. I had a financial planner look at my situation and we delved deep into the numbers. I pulled out the report to remind me of what we discussed and where I needed to be headed. I am glad I did. My housing costs may comeContinue reading “Retirement Update :: July 2021”

Independent Living?

When I went to my family reunion recently, I slept on the couch in my parents’ fancy retirement apartment. It is beautiful, brand new, state-of-the-art with all the bells and whistles. I hated it. The apartment itself is lovely. Well-designed with a patio and plenty of space. This is an independent living community and theContinue reading “Independent Living?”

Byzantine Paperwork

This is my year of seemingly endless financial paperwork. And to think it doesn’t even include buying a home. This year I am focused on the following. First and foremost is unraveling my mom’s mysterious annuity. I submitted the application to set up the rollover account. During that process I gleaned some helpful information fromContinue reading “Byzantine Paperwork”

Getting Back Out There

I thought I would jump back into online dating. I even spoke to a woman who takes candid photos of you and helps develop your online profile. It simply seemed like too much work right now. I am blasé about dating and perhaps that is a really good place to be. Since this is myContinue reading “Getting Back Out There”

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