Knocking Boots Round 3

It is Wednesday, so time for my Hump Day post about sex. This isn’t too explicit, but just a heads up. BC is back! You didn’t see that coming did you? Me neither, but what the hell. He is good about checking in about once or twice a week. He also got me up onContinue reading “Knocking Boots Round 3”

Time to Change Things Up

My Bumble activity is a trickle. Here’s my scorecard (in no particular order): Breadcrumb Dude (BC) – he checks in via text about once a week. We haven’t hooked up. Neither of us has asked and I am fine to leave it there. Baywatch – two dates in about 5 weeks. I don’t expect thatContinue reading “Time to Change Things Up”

Round #2

It is Hump Day (aka Wednesday), so this is about sex, but not too graphic. If you aren’t interested, come back tomorrow. Round 2 with BC was much like Round 1 with a couple of exceptions. I I reached to get together and he obliged. There was no restaurant pre-meeting and I headed up straightContinue reading “Round #2”

Knocking Boots

This is an explicit post, so if you don’t want to read about sex, please come back tomorrow. I will be back to more mundane topics. Knocking boots is BC’s (aka Breadcrumb dude) euphemism for sex. I find it funny. Everyone has their name for sex. We knocked boots and it was interesting (also quiteContinue reading “Knocking Boots”


“Do I want a boyfriend?” That is the question a potential FBoy sends over. How the heck am I supposed to know? I responded, “If it leads to that”. I know that this is setting things up for something casual, but maybe I need a round of casual before I settle down again. Is casualContinue reading “Casual?”

I’ve Got Game

Once again it is Hump Day, so brace yourself. I’m going to tell you an explicit Bumble tale. I figured out how to get a breadcrumb dude to spring into action – mention the competition. lol. Last week, BC and I spent an afternoon texting back and forth.  I will not burn your ears, butContinue reading “I’ve Got Game”

Bumbling Thru Week One

Oh good grief, I cannot believe I jumped onto Bumble and am giving it the old college try. Right before I came over here to write something about sex and dating for Hump Day, I was trying to figure out some wittier openers than “Hello, I liked your profile”. So lame. Thankfully the internet isContinue reading “Bumbling Thru Week One”

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