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My Son-in-Law

My son-in-law is a hoot. He’s a Wall Street guy. Full of opinions, liberal, smart, fiercely loyal, generous, always a huge ardent supporter of my daughter. I am very fond of him.

He also enjoys a good toke. He brought some edibles and weed on our recent vacation. He introduced me to the Pax 3, $250 portable vaporizer for smoking weed. I highly recommend this. It heats up the weed, but doesn’t burn it, so you get an easier smoke. I was impressed. Get yours today.

Another interesting conversation we had was about the housing market. He commented that the baseline pricing for houses will not fall dramatically. There might be a softening or slight decrease, but it won’t go back to pre-pandemic prices. We won’t see the housing crisis of 2009 days either. I have to agree.

We get along really well with a lot of mutual respect. He’s a great, hands-on dad and a fully involved, true partner to my daughter. Best of luck to them as they embark on their next chapter.


Published by birdiehope

A smart, funny quasi-introvert who loves a festival.

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